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CS-Scientific Limited, founded in 2007, is a leading manufacturer of filtration, sample preparation and life science products.

CS-Scientific owns one filtration facility, two cleanrooms and one research & development center, supplying more than 1,500 products. Based on ERP system, we implement strict quality criteria, enabling full traceability.

CS-Scientific product range:

1. Filtration products, focusing on small sintered PE filters, mainly used in chemical analysis and life science, including pipette tip filters, self-sealing filters, PTFE frits, hydrophilic and hydrophobic PE frits;

2. Sample preparation products, including solid phase extraction (SPE), solid supported liquid extraction (SLE) and dispersive solid phase extraction (QuEChERS);

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Medicine Production

CS Scientific's products play an extremely important role in the manufacture and quality control of medicines.

Thus, we contribute to the development of the pharmaceutical industry. We help to reverse the disease, to protect the life of the community.

Food Safety

CS Scientific provides products for testing and evaluating the quality of food, seafood, meat, vegetables, etc. with products including SPE cartridges.

QuEChERS kits and other consumable materials. Other.So we help to detect and prevent the risk of harm to public health

Household Goods Safety

CS- Scientific has been developing products to help improve household goods including clothing, food, housing and vehicles, thus enabling people to live healthier and better.

Our products are used to determine banned azo dyes in textile, to determine Cr(VI) in leather, to determine hazardous ingredients in cars, to protect and purify drinking water.

Friend of Labotories

CS Scientific's products are a companion of laboratories. Whether you are an intern or an expert, we can meet your requirements.

Research projects, projects have long been a top concern for us. Creating new products that meet the growing demands of laboratories is one of CS-Scientific's development strategies.We care about your success because that is also our success